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DJ Harvey on re-edits and Black Cock

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speaks for itself! thanks to wheelsontoast for the find…

Here’s some more Harvey related stuff….


LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! @ OM Friday 5th Feb 2010

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Right then, you asked for it… we’ve come out of hibernation. It has been a long long time since we threw a party and my disco boots have started to gather dust (quite literally). 2010 will see John and I throwing a few shapes around Brighton again, answering the call of the wild and fulfilling our need to ‘release the beast‘. So, first up for 2010 we’ve got a lovely treat in store – we’re so excited… we’ve got OM on the 5th Feb for a night of Continue reading

The world was on fire No one could save me but you…

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Some days you need a tune to get lost in. Something to take you on a strange and interesting Journey, to transport you to a place you didnt even know you were going til you got there.

This is that tune.

Jichael Mackson – The Grass is always greener:

Fleetwood Mac – I still Cant get enough..

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They are just so damn good arent they?!

Dont agree? Please leave now!

I’ve always been a fan of Fleetwood Mac. I think the life long love (not obsessive just appreciative) of their music started way back when I was a kid and my parents blasted Rumours out of the tape deck while I sat in the back playing my 8 bit gameboy occassionaly pinching my sister when I got bored and felt like a scrap, but that wasnt often when the Mac were on the trusty stereo.

Recently from a DJ’ing perspective my eyes were opened to how well Fleetwood Mac blend into a DJ set. Im not talking about remixes with thumping beats and alterted basslines merely keeping the acapella as a tribute or butchering of the orignals…Im talking the orignal album recordings as they were intended to be heard! This just shows how ahead of their time they were, which funily enough is what Beloved DJ John Marsh told me when I rushed up to him during his set at a Balearic Jukebox night earlier in the year and asked “Which re-edit is this?! its amazing…” to which he replied “It’s just Fleetwood Mac…I guess they were ahead of their time!”.

How right he was. The tune in question was Big Love from 1987’s  Tango in the Night. Listen to it here, and see if you agree its a great tune with its superb vocal stabs and tight beats. Love it!

Fleetwood Mac are currently touring and theres talk of a new album once theyve come off the tour bus. Whether their music will reach the same quality as yesteryear is to be seen, who knows..maybe 20/30 years from now the kids will be getting down to the Macs output from the 2010 album and slipping those records into their sets whilst playing out on holographic hard drive decks controlled by lasers from their eyes. Maybe…

Now, Ive already said Fleetwood macs tunes dont need touching to still sound fresh. However, I have found one exception so far to this rule and thats what Im going to share with you here.  This first came to my attention on Lindstromm and Prins Thomas’s Essential mix.

This is one example where a mix or re-edit of a great track can sometimes, just sometimes work not just a little, but absolutley amazingly!

When I dropped this recently at a gig the reaction blew me away. People went mad for it and once you have a listen you’ll see why!

So without further ado..Enjoy!

I aint gettin’ in no plane! An Aeroplane however…

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Just come accross this mix from Balearic geniuses signed to Eskimo Recordings the great Aeroplane.

It was featured on Radio 1’s Annie Mac’s show on radio one and is a Minimix (a feature i’m a bit of a fan of for the amazing creativity that goes into such a short mix!) lasting only 5 whole minutes! Amazing to think they managed to get 21 tunes in the mix within that time.


Michael Jackson : “Another Part Of Me”
Laura Branigan : “Self Control”
Baltimora : “Tarzan Boy”
Mr Oizo : “Positif”
Mike Snow : “Animal”
Marguaritas : “Marguaritas”
Ricchi & Poveri : “Sara Perche Ti Amo”
La Bionda : “I Got Your Number
The Juan McLean : “One Day”
Gino Soccio : “Remember”
Boney M : “Kalimba De Luna”
The Krays : “We Are Ready When You Are”
The Beach Boys : “Good Vibrations Outtakes”
Macho : “Not Tonight”
Mike Mareen : “Dancing In The Dark”
Empire Of The Sun : “We Are The People”
Friendly Fires Feat. Au Revoir Simone : “Paris”
Kidz : “Miss Mars”
The Golden Filter : “Solid Gold”
D Pulse : “More” – Foto Mix
Droid : “Mito”

Happy Friday sir/ma’m enjoy the flight..

September 2009 radio show on Deep Frequency

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ok, so I am following suit and trying to learn my blog ropes – Johnny there has the technical abilities; I have to make do with stumbling through the darkness of my analogue mind to try and figure this shit out, resulting in a very small “hello” to see whether this mechani-blog-tronic system works…. “HELLO?”

You may also be interested in listening to our latest radio show at

*Note – you must allow pop-ups for in your browser for streaming link to work OR register with DeepFrequency and be signed in to get the podcast download*






Wicked – here’s the trax:

1. Hooked On You – Cerrone
2. Don’t Stop – K.I.D.
3. Papillon (Aka Hot Butterfly) – Chaka Khan
4. Sweet Settings – Paskal
5. Desktop Rally – E. The Hot
6. Boogie Beat – Phreek Plus One
7. Rock The Joint (Reverso 68 Mix) – Wild Rumpus feat. Beardyman
8. Louvre For Yo – In Flagranti
9. Good Lovin’ (Special Disco Mix) – Faze Action
10. Hit ‘Em – The Revenge / Craig Smith
11. Simple Things (Work It Out) (Tod Terje version) – Shit Robot
12. Free Flight (Instrumental) – Acos Coolkas
13. It’s Time (An Optimo Espacio remix) – They Came From The Stars I Saw Them
14. Panorama – Tuccillo
15. Rosenrod – Dikjokke
16. Too Hot For Love – THP
17. Unknown – Unknown (Courtesy James Alaska / Love Thy Neighbour)
18. Nights On Ibiza (feat Roman Andren) – Beatfanatic
19. Belfast – Orbital


Cosmic Balearic Beats preview!

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Just a quick heads up on the release of the next installment
of the excellent Cosmic Balearic Beats. If you’ve been listening
to our show a while you’ll know we absolutely loved the first
volume of this series and played many of the tracks on the air waves as well as featuring a mix from one of the artists Maelstrom on the recess show #8 his mix was without a doubt the most interesting and original mix we’ve had on the show so far.

Download it here

This bad boy isn’t out til the 21st of september but if you cant wait
check out this promo page on for a streaming preview
of the playlist and get yourself an email alert over at Juno download here.