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The Devil’s Music @ The Black Dove

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Several things happened at once on Saturday Night – I was compelled in many different ways to do things; marvellous things, like writing about music AND spread the love about what I found to be a most enjoyable experience at The Black Dove in Kemptown.

Now, I don’t get out much anymore and as this blog would suggest if you care to read back through the posts, I have pretty much hung up my headphones and archived the vinyl in favour of picking up real instrumentation again. Musically, you will now find me rehearsing with a three piece power trio in a very salubrious converted public toilet in the centre of Brighton rather than frequenting the bars of this fair town seeking out disco pleasures. The world is an ever changing place you know…

But I do every now and then surface from the deafening maw of the studio to reconnect with all things sparkly and Saturday gone I had a most pleasurable experience. Partner in crime Johnny Recess was having a birthday bash at The Black Dove, 74 St James St, Kemptown and I have to say it’s been a long time since I enjoyed a pub as much as I did. And get this – I was sober. As a judge. And I STILL really enjoyed myself (it is possible kids).

So, this place is intimate, has a decent sound system, bar staff that know what they’re doing, a brilliantly stocked bar, a cool little downstairs bit which is even more intimate than the upstairs bit, a nice outside bit with tables for smokers and a decor that says “I’ve been travelling the world (and the underworld) for 40 years and everywhere I’ve been I’ve brought a little piece back with me”, either physically, or emotionally I would say…

Perhaps my attraction to the place was the bar or perhaps it was the clientele, who for the most part had made exquisite efforts to dress nice. No, not nice, positively spiffing in a kind of vintage 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s oh who gives a flying fuck what decade it is let’s have a large G&T yes? kind of way.

And the music, provided by the hosts The Devil’s Music, was a real mix of stuff you just don’t hear played out enough – jazz, blues, swing… erm, as they put it themselves: “a low slung night at the best juke joint in town, come down and get your teeth swimmin’ to swinging speakeasy tunes and American Roots debauchery, dress up sharp enough to draw blood and shake a leg!”. Yeah, well, by midnight it was really hotting up and I was sad to leave. Highly recommended.

Also highly recommended is ‘seeing all your friends at once’ (Disco aficionados please note topical reference) in a great place. In the house were Ali ‘Go Bang’ Broadcast and general all round top bloke Tim ‘Acid House’ Rivers. Ali and Affy Go Bang have been ramping things up in their camp this year with regular nights at the Green Door Store just off Trafalgar Street and a little bit of production going on (go fellas – you iz gonna be massiv). The Green Door Store is another of those relatively new venues which I am massively rating and need to make more time to get to. Pride weekend will see some Go Bang shennanigans so check out their website for details (link below). Tim along with Steve KIW of ‘Steve KIW‘ fame (he’s played Royal Festival Hall don’t you know so does not require further introductions!) has been tearing up dancefloors at the ever-loyal-to-the-disco-scene Globe pub on Middle Street so check it OUT brothers and sisters.

Chewing the fat with partners in groove from times gone by was just such a fine way to spend an evening and it was so bloody NICE to find out that people’s projects and creative juices were still flowing and that people were reaping the rewards of their commitment to the higher funk.

I just feel so FUCKING POSITIVE! Summer rocks…

If you have any sense, check out:

  1. The Devil’s Music
  2. The Black Dove
  3. Go Bang
  4. The Green Door Store
  5. The Acid House
  6. The Globe

That is all!


James Alaska – free mix for your ears

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James Alaska is a London based composer, producing intricate and delicate noise-infused soundworks as The Alaska None, using lo-fi obfuscated fragments from vinyl and tape which are muted, contorted and re-contextualized. In this mix, Alaska attempts to create an effortless flow of ambient soundscapes, creating a sense of contemplative narrative.

This was put together especially for the fantastic ‘Headphone Commute‘ site. Tracks by David Axelrod, Bj Nilsen, Andres Bosshard, Alva Noto, Vlk and himself; most tracks remixed or re-edited with Alaska flair – a fine end result…

Do visit the site, download and do leave comments!


Recess Recession

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Hello Recess people… small news from the inner sphere. Feb 15th will see our server contract lapse and so the podcasts on iTunes will no longer be available for download. We’ve shut up shop on DeepFrequency for the time being and are closing down operations for the moment. Time for a change…

If you’re a fan of the shows you can…

Subscribe to iTunes and download all the shows before they disappear or you can download or stream them from Deep Frequency (registration / allow popups required) where the shows will hopefully be up for some time.

It’s been marvelous broadcasting and blogging stuff over the last three years but all good things come to an end.

Big love and thanks for all the support

Rich & John


The Crystal Ark

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Get on with this….

November 2010 radio show on Deep Frequency

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November’s show finds us delving into deepest darkest autumn sounds and getting all downbeat on yo’ good selves. Definitely a show for kicking your shoes off to, rather than pulling on your disco pants… in fact, the disco police came knocking when we put this together because the whole 1.5 hours is devoid of cowbells and glitter balls. We travel confidently into some more alternative noise… expect BJ Nilsen, Serge Gainsbourg, Bowie, Jichael Mackson, Sub Version and more…

1. War (Matty G Remix) – Bob Marley
2. AG (Tom Croose Inner Space Ski Boot Mix) – Worst Friends
3. A Nomad’s Retreat – Pantha Du Prince
4. A Zed & Two L’s – Fila Brazillia
5. Cannabis – Serge Gainsbourg
6. Les Visiteurs – Georges De La Rue
7. What Does Your Soul Look Like – DJ Shadow
8. Weeping Wall – David Bowie
9. Into It’s Coloured Rays – BJ Nilsen
10. Pussylicker – M83 vs Aphex Twin vs Khia
11. While Others Cry – Future Sound Of London
12. Make Sense & Loose (Ulrich Schnauss Mix) – I’m Not A Gun
13. Brandishing The Light Eternal – The Radiation Line
14. You Mean So Much To Me – Blondes
15. The Grass Is Always Greener – Jichael Mackson
16. So Derobe – Joy Orbison
17. Gone – Harry Craze
18. Free To Funk – Sub Version

Flash is Fast, Flash is Cool [1981] | DJHistory.com

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Originally published in the NME, SEP 26, 1981 – excellent article on the master himself. So glad I’m a Capricorn…

© Richard Grabel

October 2010 radio show on Deep Frequency (Scandinavian Invasion)

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October is upon us and we have another marvelous mix for you. ‘Leftover’ aka Sibel Lagerdahl, is providing much needed Swedish Cement to hold us together in the darkening autumn – and I will be freaking you all out with some jazz… my god, and Norwegian jazz at that!

OK so it’s a Scandinavian invasion on your radio machine this month; most of the artists and all of the Leftover mix have been flown in from lands afar – we got some Lindstrom, Beatfanatic, Stockholm Cyclo, Arvid & Eerik Siikasaari and a whole lot more frosty fun… come and have a go… x

Part One – Rich Recess Scandinavian Selection
1. Send In the Clowns – Kornstad Trio
2. Looking For What – Lindstrom & Christabelle
3. Turning Loose (Ron Basejam remix) – Bonar Bradberry
4. Inner Sunshine – Solar Bears
5. Little Bit – Lykke Li
6. Round the Moon – Summer Camp
7. Sing (Floating Points remix) – Four Tet
8. Inside Out – Kink / Neville Watson
9. Fot I Hose – Casio Kids
10. Byakuya – White Nights – Mika Pohjola / Yusuke Yamamoto

Part Two – Leftover: Swedish Cement Mix
11. Hett Bly – Skit
12. Automatic – Beatfanatic
13. Beginning People – Stockholm Cyclo
14. Phases 2 – Nonoman
15. A Lovely Day – Beatfanatic
16. Har Du Hört? – Sofi Hellborg
17. Sticky- Stockholm Cyclo
18. Shimmer – Arvid & Eerik Siikasaari
19. Twist In My Sobriety (Alf Tumble Re-Dress) – Tanita Tikaram
20. Tonite – Stockholm Cyclo

KISS – Dynasty

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Hold onto your hats. Guest blogger James Alaska has gone and written another epic… this time we swap glitterballs and loft parties for men in makeup and some serious axe work – the rock never leaves you…


Here’s a gem I’ll wager you’d have passed over in the racks of Rounder or Sister Ray. I’m guessing this is one band you never thought you’d see on the Recess Radio Show’s web pages. Well, rest assured, I’m not about to extol or excuse the absolute dross and drivel that without exception characterised everything KISS touched from 1980 onwards. I’m going to rasp the praises of an album that is most definitely the unsung treasure of their largely overlooked early years; those Alice Cooper inspired New York Dolls-esque first few forays into the world of KISS in the studio.

I first bought this album on vinyl aged 11 in 1984, from Volume records in Newcastle (a truly legendary record shop, which sadly, of course, is no longer with us). This is back in the days when Lindstrom was a still a babyfaced nipper chasing his fisher price vinyl van round the nursery, and long before anyone would ever dream of using the words ‘post’ and ‘disco’ in the same sentence. Sinclair C5’s were ‘the future’ and Cubase was the stuff of a madman’s dreams.

From first listen this album stood out as an aural delight, stuffed to the gills with great basslines, beats and truly legendary production. I recently re-discovered it after spotting another vinyl copy in the dirty crates among several thousand schlager albums whilst on a sonic mission in darkest Bavaria. I dusted it off, packed it away safe, and carried it all the way home as a gift for my good friend Mr. Rich Recess. But what of the album itself……..? Continue reading

Leftover Mashup: 6th Borough Project / Mark E & Dragon

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Dig it! Mix from Leftover coming on October’s radio show…. x