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Electro Booty Shakin’ Badass Bass Trax

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Ohmygodohmygodohmygod…I have been trying to get this done for ages and now I have finally put it down. Completely and utterly self indulgent electro disco booty shakin’ badass pop junk funktastic destroy your headphones throw out the TV and slash the seats mix.

It’s not exactly radio show material – this is just a little taster (40 mins?) of some tunes that really ought to be played LOUD; potentially just before you go out or when you first get back in. Good for some summer fun if you know what I mean – don’t take this too seriously now… there are of course more ‘quality’ tunes out there that I could have picked, oh yes… but that was not the intention…

The intention was to put together a selection of tracks that all have a tendency to make my dancin’ pants get itchy and for me to start jigging like a 90 year old man at a wedding… on amphetamines…. and ‘ludes.. Continue reading


DJ Harvey on re-edits and Black Cock

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speaks for itself! thanks to wheelsontoast for the find…

Here’s some more Harvey related stuff….

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! @ OM Friday 5th Feb 2010

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Right then, you asked for it… we’ve come out of hibernation. It has been a long long time since we threw a party and my disco boots have started to gather dust (quite literally). 2010 will see John and I throwing a few shapes around Brighton again, answering the call of the wild and fulfilling our need to ‘release the beast‘. So, first up for 2010 we’ve got a lovely treat in store – we’re so excited… we’ve got OM on the 5th Feb for a night of Continue reading

Solar Powered Disco…

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Excellent track here which I discovered after reading through a Resident Advisor article on DJ and producer Todd Terje who as it happens visited Brighton recently. The articles  from a couple of years ago: Read it here.

Debbie Jacobs is a female Black American singer born in Baltimore, Maryland who had several Disco hits. Her biggest chart hit was “High on Your Love,” which climbed to #70 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1980.

The track is a true gem and fast becoming a favorite of mine! It combines all the best elements of disco and groove with a fully infectious baseline and starts off with an absolutely stomping beat that grabs that dancing soft spot deep inside us all and gives it a nice big jolt!

As the track builds the percussion grows into a stomping bells and whistles affair and the excellent vocal kicks in, my favorite part of which is “I run on solar power, and my batteries can last for hours!”. What a great lyric, as are the rest of the words which dip in and out of the tune without getting over powering which allows for lots of all out funk driven instrumental action!

Dont take my word for it, dig in and get down!

November 2009 radio show on Deep Frequency

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Our latest radio show has now been uploaded to the Deep Frequency archives for your listening pleasure.

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Nov 8th 2009 – One Hundred Below Radio on Deep Frequency

Part 1:

1. Pete Herbert – Underdub – REDUX
2. Escort – Starlight – ESCORT RECORDS
3. Johnny Wakelin – In Zaire – PRT RECORDS
4. Drrtyhaze – Superhigh (Play It Loud Instrumental Mix) – TIRK

Part 2: Johnny Rocks/Videodrome DJ Top 10

5. Sheila B & Devotion – “Spacer” – CARRERE
6. Vitalic – “Poison Lips” – DIFFERENT
7. Methusalem – “Zombie” -ARIOLA
8. M – “Pop Musik” (Videodrome Remix) – WHITE
9. Two Man Sound – “Que Tal America” – MIRACLE
10. Heaven 17 – “Penthouse And Pavement”  – VIRGIN
11. D.C. LaRue – “Let Them Dance” (PH Edit) – PYRAMID DISCO
12. Sparks – “Tryouts For The Human Race” -VIRGIN
13. Jackpot – “Brief Encounter” – RVNG
14. Phoenix – “Lisztomania” (Holy Ghost remix) –KITSUNE

Part 3:

15. SWAG – Drill Bit (Jimpster Remix) – VERSION
16. Meyland & Visti – All Night Long (Kasper Bjorke remix)
17. KRL – Recession Beat – WOLF MUSIC
18. 6TH Borough Project – Miss World – OOFT

October 2009 radio show on Deep Frequency

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Hi pop pickers! You can catch the latest installment of One Hundred Below Radio here on Deep Frequency. If you like the show be sure to ‘click’ your approval on the website.

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Here’s the trax:


1. Why – Carly Simon
2. Invisible College – Gatto Fritto
3. Bare Back – The Temptations
4. Slowtrack – Rayko
5. Venus – Roberto Rodriguez
6. Pitfield Girl – Phelps

PART TWO: James Alaska Mix

7. Rock on – David Essex – (James Alaska re-edit)
8. 2000 Light years From Home – The Rolling Stones
9. Jus’ Pilau – Akwaaba
10. Guiro Electro – Bobby Matos
11. Whispers – Aeroplane Feat kathy Diamond
12. Sweatshop (original mix) – Syrup
13. Prophecy (Danny Krivit edit) – Margie Joseph
14. Lovers’ Holiday (12″ version) – Change
15. Still Going theme – Still Going


16. Harlem (Eamon Harkin Edit) – Bill Withers
17. Jealousy & Lies – Julian Jonah
18. Keep On Going – Fleetwood Mac
19. Spaghetti Circus – Still Going

“I hear the doorbell ring and suddenly the panic takes me…”

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The Visitors

OK, for me, this was where disco started. It’s almost, almost a guilty pleasure, if I didn’t feel so strongly about my over emotional affirmation that this is a dose of genius. Therefore I am guilt free. Pleasurable. Very pleasurable. You are free to disagree…

“The sound so ominously tearing through the silence…”

The year of the immaculate conception of disco in my mind, as a medium of music that was indeed “OK” to like, was 1999. The eve of the new millennium began with a look backward in time. This was a very real moment, which is remembered with some vividness and, I have to admit, a dash of lost vagueness.

“I cannot move, I’m standing, numb and frozen…”

I had been awake all night partying in a way I no longer can in That Fancy London Town; in the harsh light of a sticky summer morning in Shoreditch, my cohort suitably attired in the cobwebs and dust of last night’s extravagances, still spiralling, minds clamorous with the echoes of the 333 soundsystem and serotonin depletion, I received my first lesson.

“Among the things I love so dearly…”

While supping the first pint of the day / last pint of the night, my trusty compadre, mentor and landlord is telling me something important. Too tired to interject I am forced to listen to a long exultation on the merits of disco and of a particular tune by a particular band, which he is going to try and make me guess; one which captured perfectly the essence and balance of light and dark, rough and smooth; the clean and the filth ridden.

“The books, the paintings and the furniture…”

I’m informed that the tune in question has been selected on the Jukebox and as the spooky electric sound and crisp vocals cut in, something begins to gnaw at my mind. As I flail around guessing incorrectly several times, I have the feeling that something is wrong. My compadre is laughing louder and louder. But nothing can drown out the sound of that voice. That voice, so beguiling and strange and yet so familiar…

“Help me…”

Oh my god and Jesus as well. It’s ABBA. It’s only fucking ABBA!


After my initial shock and disbelief, I pulled what was left of my pride off the floor and had to admit that I’d been loving this tune. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s the title track off the commercially less-successful album ‘The Visitors’ from 1981. With The Visitors, ABBA took several steps away from the “lighter” pop music they had recorded previously and the album is often regarded as a more complex and mature effort. It took me ages to work out who the hell it was on the first listen, but what a stomper. The build up is immense, the drop ecstatic, and I’ve never seen it fail on a dancefloor.

The rest of the album is not up to much as far as I’m concerned, but for me, this is the only ABBA track worth having. The heavy duty fromage of Dancing Queen and the other big hits are only fit for karaoke fodder in my book. and this remains my only piece of ABBA linen to air. But I am proud of it. Proud of this beast that can be picked up in every bargain bin for £1. Proud of this cheese anachronism in the vinyl collection, and proud to own, know and love the sounds therein. Because for me this opened the door. Lit up the path. Set me on my disco adventure.

The Visitors. Bring it on.