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James Alaska – free mix for your ears

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James Alaska is a London based composer, producing intricate and delicate noise-infused soundworks as The Alaska None, using lo-fi obfuscated fragments from vinyl and tape which are muted, contorted and re-contextualized. In this mix, Alaska attempts to create an effortless flow of ambient soundscapes, creating a sense of contemplative narrative.

This was put together especially for the fantastic ‘Headphone Commute‘ site. Tracks by David Axelrod, Bj Nilsen, Andres Bosshard, Alva Noto, Vlk and himself; most tracks remixed or re-edited with Alaska flair – a fine end result…

Do visit the site, download and do leave comments!



KISS – Dynasty

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Hold onto your hats. Guest blogger James Alaska has gone and written another epic… this time we swap glitterballs and loft parties for men in makeup and some serious axe work – the rock never leaves you…


Here’s a gem I’ll wager you’d have passed over in the racks of Rounder or Sister Ray. I’m guessing this is one band you never thought you’d see on the Recess Radio Show’s web pages. Well, rest assured, I’m not about to extol or excuse the absolute dross and drivel that without exception characterised everything KISS touched from 1980 onwards. I’m going to rasp the praises of an album that is most definitely the unsung treasure of their largely overlooked early years; those Alice Cooper inspired New York Dolls-esque first few forays into the world of KISS in the studio.

I first bought this album on vinyl aged 11 in 1984, from Volume records in Newcastle (a truly legendary record shop, which sadly, of course, is no longer with us). This is back in the days when Lindstrom was a still a babyfaced nipper chasing his fisher price vinyl van round the nursery, and long before anyone would ever dream of using the words ‘post’ and ‘disco’ in the same sentence. Sinclair C5’s were ‘the future’ and Cubase was the stuff of a madman’s dreams.

From first listen this album stood out as an aural delight, stuffed to the gills with great basslines, beats and truly legendary production. I recently re-discovered it after spotting another vinyl copy in the dirty crates among several thousand schlager albums whilst on a sonic mission in darkest Bavaria. I dusted it off, packed it away safe, and carried it all the way home as a gift for my good friend Mr. Rich Recess. But what of the album itself……..? Continue reading

Guest Mixes Updated

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Hi Y’all,

To make it a hell of a lot easier to pick your way through our archives I’ve updated the post HERE where you can find all the links to stream or podcast our shows from Dec 08 onward.

There’s quick links to our guest mixes from Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco, Johnny Rocks & Videodrome, Pablo Contraband, James Alaska and Tim ‘Acid House’ Rivers plus selections from special guest Ali ‘Go Bang!’ Back.

Get on it

Rich ‘Seasonal Headskater’ Recess

Larry Levan vs James Alaska

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I’m telling you now… you ain’t never heard anything like THIS before…

James Alaska is one of the most marvelous people I’ve ever met. He’s also one of the most persistent musical train spotters I have ever known. In metaphorical terms, his beard of knowledge has grown to such gargantuan proportions that sometimes in bad weather, light aircraft attempt to set down on it. His love of disco knows no bounds and for this, I must salute him. Having played storming sets as a resident at Magnet in the late nineties he then went on to deliver repeated nights of musical passion as one half of the Love Thy Neighbour duo James Shakti & Stuart Principal, between 2001 and 2006 in various salubrious venues in London.

James has now arrived in another age of musical knowledge, having recently completed an MA in Sonic Art, he’s now creating music compositions as part of experimental electronicists Vlk and The Alaska None. The beard situation has worsened. Now, on top of the impromptu run-downs of Chic catalogue numbers and release dates, we are blessed with further knowledge about the source of sound itself. Its bloody mind boggling – so I thought I’d share… brace yourselves.

What we have here is a 10 minute edit of MFSB’s Love is The Message by James (the full piece is a whole 19 minutes long!) called Paradise Dust. If you’re expecting disco, please readjust your head, but consider first that this was generated from disco – from the very essence of our dear godfather of groove Larry Levan:

And here’s what James has to say about his composition – yes, it’s an essay, but if you’re into vinyl, disco, Levan and a bit of musical philosophy, then you should probably trim your beard, grab yourself a cup of tea and settle down to a story. A story about how James found Larry, and Larry found James…

Continue reading

October 2009 radio show on Deep Frequency

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Hi pop pickers! You can catch the latest installment of One Hundred Below Radio here on Deep Frequency. If you like the show be sure to ‘click’ your approval on the website.

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Here’s the trax:


1. Why – Carly Simon
2. Invisible College – Gatto Fritto
3. Bare Back – The Temptations
4. Slowtrack – Rayko
5. Venus – Roberto Rodriguez
6. Pitfield Girl – Phelps

PART TWO: James Alaska Mix

7. Rock on – David Essex – (James Alaska re-edit)
8. 2000 Light years From Home – The Rolling Stones
9. Jus’ Pilau – Akwaaba
10. Guiro Electro – Bobby Matos
11. Whispers – Aeroplane Feat kathy Diamond
12. Sweatshop (original mix) – Syrup
13. Prophecy (Danny Krivit edit) – Margie Joseph
14. Lovers’ Holiday (12″ version) – Change
15. Still Going theme – Still Going


16. Harlem (Eamon Harkin Edit) – Bill Withers
17. Jealousy & Lies – Julian Jonah
18. Keep On Going – Fleetwood Mac
19. Spaghetti Circus – Still Going

Deep Frequency Archives

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The Recess shows on the excellent Deep Frequency Radio Station.

Pick your Recess Radio Shows stream from the full list here or choose a show from the list below:

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For the iTunes podcast click here. In addition to the shows below the podcast has archived broadcasts from March to November 2008 including Webb Twisco and Maelstrom mixes.

Dec ’08: Stream / Download – Inc. Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco Mix

Jan ’09: Stream / Download – Residents Johnny & Rich

Feb ’09: Stream / Download – Inc. Eamon Harkin Mix

Mar ’09: Stream / Download – Residents Johnny & Rich

May ’09: Stream / Download – With special guest Ali Back (Go Bang!)

Jun ’09: Stream / Download – Residents Johnny & Rich

Jul ’09: Stream / Download – Inc. Tim Rivers (The Acid House) mix

Aug ’09: Stream / Download – Inc. Pablo Contraband mix

Sep ’09: Stream / Download – Resident Rich Recess at the controls

Oct ’09: Stream / Download – Inc. James Alaska mix

Nov ’09: Stream / DownloadJohnny Rocks & Videodrome Top 10

Dec ’09: Stream / Download – Inc. The Monk‘s soul mix

Jan ’10: Stream / Download – Residents Johnny & Rich

Feb ’10: Stream / DownloadThe LOVE SPECIAL!

Apr ’10: Stream / Download – Inc. Neurotic Drum Band mix

May ’10: Stream / Download – The Go Bang! Special

Jun ’10: Stream / Download – Resident Rich Recess at the controls

Jul ’10: Stream / Download – Resident Rich Recess tours India

Aug ’10: Stream / DownloadRich Recess surfs the blogosphere

Sep ’10: Stream / Download – Residents Rich & Johnny

Oct ’10: Stream / Download –