Music for melting – competition!

Welcome to the first Recess Radio Show competition! We’ve been meaning to do this for a while but alas haven’t got round to it…poor excuse!

Now a bit of back story (dont worry – theres not mch to it!). Inspired by (to my mind) the first Viral track on soundcloud – teeny bopper Justin Beibers pop guff you smile I smile -( see below for original) – someone had the clever idea of seeing if it sounded any good 800 times slower… (amazing how much time some people have on their hands!)

Behold the original:

And the 800 times slower version here:

Funny eh, one pop song instantly changes from barely listenable to “wish I could sit and watch the stars while lying on the beach to this awesome shit!” territory all thanks to Pauls extreme sound stretch (yes it really is called that, god bless you paul for making this possible!

So, why not jump on the band wagon we thought and make a mix made up of well known tracks for you to try and decipher. Whats the catch?!…In case you hadn’t guessed the tracks have been slowed way down to trippy proportions and wanged together in a beautiful blend of “what the hell is that and how does it sound so goddamn mellow man?!” mix type thing.


Firstly you gotta grab the mix:

Listen / download here:

The mix is made up of 4 tracks and its not always clear where one ends and another starts so listen close. We’d recommend sitting cross legged in a dark room with a big pair of bass heavy cans wrapped around your head while breathing in the scent of musical enlightenment. But whatever works for you is fine….

All you have to do is identify 3 of the 4 tracks and send your answer to:


The competition entries must be received by the 30th of september and the winner will be annouced on the october show and put up on the blog!


We’d love to say a speedboat or a years supply of disco marmite but instead you’ll have to settle for a £10 voucher to spend with our friends over at beatport!

Thats it! Good luck, god speed and have fun listening!


5 Responses to “Music for melting – competition!”

  1. Rich Says:

    Jesus John that’s the hardest competition i ever tried to do… harder than a really really really hard crossword…

  2. […] – check us out – veritable modernists). Oh yeah, and don’t forget that chance to win a tenner to spend at Beatport! Competition closes Sep […]

  3. Petra Pedantic Says:

    er, surely that’s 8 times slower guys, not 800 times, which would be undetectable to human ears as the listening range of blah blah blah.

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