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Recess Recession

Posted in Archives on 03/02/2011 by Rich

Hello Recess people… small news from the inner sphere. Feb 15th will see our server contract lapse and so the podcasts on iTunes will no longer be available for download. We’ve shut up shop on DeepFrequency for the time being and are closing down operations for the moment. Time for a change…

If you’re a fan of the shows you can…

Subscribe to iTunes and download all the shows before they disappear or you can download or stream them from Deep Frequency (registration / allow popups required) where the shows will hopefully be up for some time.

It’s been marvelous broadcasting and blogging stuff over the last three years but all good things come to an end.

Big love and thanks for all the support

Rich & John



Guest Mixes Updated

Posted in Archives with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on 02/12/2009 by Rich

Hi Y’all,

To make it a hell of a lot easier to pick your way through our archives I’ve updated the post HERE where you can find all the links to stream or podcast our shows from Dec 08 onward.

There’s quick links to our guest mixes from Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco, Johnny Rocks & Videodrome, Pablo Contraband, James Alaska and Tim ‘Acid House’ Rivers plus selections from special guest Ali ‘Go Bang!’ Back.

Get on it

Rich ‘Seasonal Headskater’ Recess

Deep Frequency Archives

Posted in Archives with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on 12/09/2009 by Johnny

The Recess shows on the excellent Deep Frequency Radio Station.

Pick your Recess Radio Shows stream from the full list here or choose a show from the list below:

*Note – you must allow pop-ups for in your browser for the streaming link to work OR register with the site and be signed in to get the download*

For the iTunes podcast click here. In addition to the shows below the podcast has archived broadcasts from March to November 2008 including Webb Twisco and Maelstrom mixes.

Dec ’08: Stream / Download – Inc. Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco Mix

Jan ’09: Stream / Download – Residents Johnny & Rich

Feb ’09: Stream / Download – Inc. Eamon Harkin Mix

Mar ’09: Stream / Download – Residents Johnny & Rich

May ’09: Stream / Download – With special guest Ali Back (Go Bang!)

Jun ’09: Stream / Download – Residents Johnny & Rich

Jul ’09: Stream / Download – Inc. Tim Rivers (The Acid House) mix

Aug ’09: Stream / Download – Inc. Pablo Contraband mix

Sep ’09: Stream / Download – Resident Rich Recess at the controls

Oct ’09: Stream / Download – Inc. James Alaska mix

Nov ’09: Stream / DownloadJohnny Rocks & Videodrome Top 10

Dec ’09: Stream / Download – Inc. The Monk‘s soul mix

Jan ’10: Stream / Download – Residents Johnny & Rich

Feb ’10: Stream / DownloadThe LOVE SPECIAL!

Apr ’10: Stream / Download – Inc. Neurotic Drum Band mix

May ’10: Stream / Download – The Go Bang! Special

Jun ’10: Stream / Download – Resident Rich Recess at the controls

Jul ’10: Stream / Download – Resident Rich Recess tours India

Aug ’10: Stream / DownloadRich Recess surfs the blogosphere

Sep ’10: Stream / Download – Residents Rich & Johnny

Oct ’10: Stream / Download –