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Music for melting – competition!

Posted in Music Posts with tags , , on 28/08/2010 by Johnny

Welcome to the first Recess Radio Show competition! We’ve been meaning to do this for a while but alas haven’t got round to it…poor excuse!

Now a bit of back story (dont worry – theres not mch to it!). Inspired by (to my mind) the first Viral track on soundcloud – teeny bopper Justin Beibers pop guff you smile I smile -( see below for original) – someone had the clever idea of seeing if it sounded any good 800 times slower… (amazing how much time some people have on their hands!)

Behold the original:

And the 800 times slower version here:

Funny eh, one pop song instantly changes from barely listenable to “wish I could sit and watch the stars while lying on the beach to this awesome shit!” territory all thanks to Pauls extreme sound stretch (yes it really is called that, god bless you paul for making this possible!

So, why not jump on the band wagon we thought and make a mix made up of well known tracks for you to try and decipher. Whats the catch?!…In case you hadn’t guessed the tracks have been slowed way down to trippy proportions and wanged together in a beautiful blend of “what the hell is that and how does it sound so goddamn mellow man?!” mix type thing.


Firstly you gotta grab the mix:

Listen / download here:

The mix is made up of 4 tracks and its not always clear where one ends and another starts so listen close. We’d recommend sitting cross legged in a dark room with a big pair of bass heavy cans wrapped around your head while breathing in the scent of musical enlightenment. But whatever works for you is fine….

All you have to do is identify 3 of the 4 tracks and send your answer to:


The competition entries must be received by the 30th of september and the winner will be annouced on the october show and put up on the blog!


We’d love to say a speedboat or a years supply of disco marmite but instead you’ll have to settle for a £10 voucher to spend with our friends over at beatport!

Thats it! Good luck, god speed and have fun listening!


Kode9 Fact magazine mix

Posted in Music Posts on 23/08/2010 by Johnny

It’s no secret that Fact magazine are excellent reporters of whats hot in the world of music!

This Mix from Dub lover Kode 9 is no exception to the rule!

Merging great soulful tracks with some really awesome beats then slowing into a head nodding pace before ripping it up again….this is not to be missed and must be listened to LOUD!

01. Soundman & Don Lloyde ft. Elizabeth Troy | Greater Love | S.O.U.R.
02. Lemon D | Manhattan Melody | Conquerror Records
03. Dope Style | You Must Think First | Ganja
04. Nut Nut | Special Dedication | Hardstep Records
05. Undercover Agent | Oh Gosh | Juice Records
06. DJ SS | MA2 remix | Formation Records
07. 12-10 Series Mk 1 | All That Jazz | Back 2 Basics
08. L Double featuring Bassman | Da Base Too Dark | Metalheadz Dark00
09. Urban Jungle | Back In The Daze | Unknown
10. Sacred | U Ready 4 Dis (Kall The Kops) | Pursuit Records
11. Fusion Forum | Vintage Keys | Reinforced
12. Maldini | Def Roll | Phat Trax
13. Bad Influence feat. DJ Rush Puppie | Time & Time | Prime Time Wax


The mixed bag volume 1

Posted in Music Posts on 22/08/2010 by Johnny

Greetings people!

Its been an age since I’ve posted anything and I promise I have some proper posts coming soon with writing and pictures and music and everything!

In the mean time on a less serious musical note I wanted to share a mix with y’all. The brief was to create a short mix for a friends wedding reception, no more than 30 mins long that appeals to all ages to sandwich in between the champers and the official wedding DJ (cue the high trousers and dodgy pony tail!)

Hurrah I thought! a chance to finally make that eclectic mainstream mix I’ve always craved!  And what fun I had.

Go on, download it! you know you want to!

1. Recess intro by Rich Recess

2. Rappers Delight – Sugar Hill Gang

3. Respect – Aretha Franklin

4. Superstition – Stevie Wonder

5. Billie Jean – Michael Jackson

6. Need you tonight – Inxs

7. Salt ‘n’ Peppa – Push it

8. Fleetwood Mac – Everywhere

9. Rolling Stones – Satisfaction


Goodbye dull days…Hello sunshine!

Posted in Music Posts with tags , , , , , , , , , on 02/04/2010 by Johnny

Happy Easter to all our readers!

I love this time of year, after the slog of the first half of the year when its a major effort to do much at all, we are blessed with a few days R&R when we can kick back and chill looking forward to the year ahead!

The purpose of this post is to hopefully infiltrate your spring playlists! Warming you up for a (hopefully) glorious summer ahead. We’ve made it through the darkest parts of winter (that in itself deserves a pat on the back), time to start getting into gear for a corking 2010!


So first up its time for some dub disco poptronica from the excellent Tanlines. What can I tell you about the band? Not much to be honest…I’m not sure I want to know much more than the fact they have produced an almost flawless slice of dub pop disco that grows and grows on you leaving you craving another listen.

For most, the standout track is Real Life which blends excellent production (often reminiscent of early Knife tracks) with well placed vocals for a quirky jangle of a tune you can hum along and tap your feet to. But for me its the instrumental moments of lush percussion mixed with catchy hooks that light my ring!

See below for a snippet of the EP – you can purchase it from 7Digital for just £1.99 HERE… money well spent in my opinion!

Enjoy the Caribbean percussive belter known as  ‘Reinfo’:

And the multilayered sensibilities of ‘Z’:


Next up we have an offering from master of laptop electonica music Four Tet (real name Kieran Hebden). Now I’m no expert on Four Tet’s music, so I can only speak on my experience of  coming into contact with his particular form of looping and blending samples into multi layered often hypnotic tracks.

My first encounter with a four tet cd was back in 2007 when his brilliant album Pause made its way into my life. I was moving house around the time (a time of great transience and change for anyone)  and Pause was the cd that was permanently in my new housemates ghetto blaster.  Being busy and tired from lugging boxes the cd got play after play on the stereo during times of great activity and also the times of kicking back catching up over a good brew. That was the beauty of the music, it neither grated after ‘one too many listens’ nor did it completely wash over my consciousness like most background music, it just worked its way into head with its clever percussive and always interesting brilliance. Check out Everything is alright for a slice of what I’m talking about.

Needless to say that CD still gets a play on a regular basis, whether on the headphones while I’m working, on the iPod dock  when camping with friends or doing its thing while I’m simply kicking round the house. Its quite simply music for life.

Now, Pause has been enough of the Four Tet sound for me for the last couple of years, but when I heard there was a new album out I thought it was time to catch up and see how the sound has mutated. Needless to say Four Tet’s sound has changed in ‘There is love in you’ significantly. For me it has become a crisper, tighter production in places with less of the homebrewed samples and more of a conforming sound. This isn’t always the case and is by no means a bad thing, as sometimes within we get plenty of revisits to the classic sound  prevalent in pause, but these echo’s of familiar sounds with their rough edged charm sit perfectly alongside well produced more dance based offerings you might expect from current Balearic masters such as Aeroplane. I’ve chosen a track with encompasses both styles, essentially a darker offering with its underlying driving groove that ends in a familiar sounding loop of strings flipped and reversed in that clever way Four Tet does so well!

Get the album here – you wont regret it any time soon!

Behold ‘Love cry’ off the album There is love in you:


LCD SOUNDSYSTEM! YES!!! Why am I so excited? because next month I’ll be standing in front on the indie disco crossover maestro that is James Murphy in full effect at Brixton academy catching LCD on their worldwide 2010 tour! Why else?….. LCD have finished their new album!

Before we take a peek  into their new material though, lets first talk about an offering from 2007. I was lucky enough to stumble across the 45:33 EP (above) around the time of its release.  I came across the mysterious vinyl in a record shop in Brighton, having no idea what is was. A simple black sleeve with the band name and the 45:33 text and very little else. What I went on to find out is that it was a composition of LCD material commissioned by Nike for a series of mixes to run to. That discovery blew my mind! a composition specially formulated to run to….what was I in store for? the answer is a brilliantly compiled journey into the aspects that make LCD and James Murphy so special. All the best bits of the disco, indie and electronica sound rolled into 45 mins (actually just over) of breathtaking music.

The segment I’ve chosen to share is something a bit special. The instrumental mix of ‘Someone Great’ from the album The sound of silver. Although lacking the touching vocals from the original (found here) the instrumental still holds the amazing tune that makes it such a special track! On 45:33 it’s sandwiched between the vocal disco opener and the dance floor bound peak of the mix – this track couldn’t have been better selected for the composition!

Check it out here – 45:33 part 3 – Someone Great (instrumental):

45:33 available album available here

What I also love about LCD SOUNDSYSTEM is their ability to jump between seemingly touching and sentimental moments to the down right silly but brilliant dancefloor sound. My first encounter with their music was buying a 12″ called ‘Daft Punk is playing at my house’. I had no idea what it was, but how the hell could a track by that name ever be bad?! Needless to say I wasn’t disappointed and the record has had a good bashing at parties  still to this day.

Revisiting this sound is the first release off their next album ‘This is happening’ due out in may this year. The track ‘Drunk Girls’ is a fun sing along  track with plenty of catchy hooks and key changes to keep even the most easily distracted listener locked in for it’s 3:45 mins!

Listen to Drunk Girls here and if you’re in Brixton next month, I’ll see you at the front!:


That’s it from me for now! Enjoy the rest of your Easter break and most of all Enjoy the good music!


Johnny Recess DNB summer Mix – Circa 2002

Posted in Music Posts with tags , , , , on 16/03/2010 by Johnny

Not been posting for a while due to a high level of work commitments! zzzzzzzz

However I’m coming back with something with a bit of a different flavour to what you’d usually expect from the Recess Camp!

Long ago in a time when I could still leap around to 175bpm  music til the early hours unaided by anything but a pure love for the music I created a series of mixes showcasing my top drum n bass tracks of the time.

This one was the mix (there was 7 in total) – which stands the test of time to this day, well for me anyway! I still thoroughly enjoy this mix today and listen to it every couple of months to remind me of the music I used to live and breathe…

No tracklisting unfortuntaley but theres tunes from Alex reece, Total science and High contrast amongst others.

I’ve posted this now as its a beautiful sunny day and some of this mix has a summery vibe as well as its more gritty moments.

Viva drum n bass, not now…how it was 8 years ago!

Introducing Neurotic Symbolism…

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Here we have a duo that certainly know their musical onions so to speak… They first came to my attention when they featured on Tim Sweeney’s excellent Beats in Space radio show a few months ago.

Since being introduced to their weird and wonderful musical world, I’ve made it my mission to track the pair down and find out a little more about who they are and what they are playing at. As it turns out they are a very nice pair and fully accommodated my less than professional journalistic line of questioning, to provide a little more insight on the interesting enigma known as the Neurotic Drum Band… Continue reading

The world was on fire No one could save me but you…

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Some days you need a tune to get lost in. Something to take you on a strange and interesting Journey, to transport you to a place you didnt even know you were going til you got there.

This is that tune.

Jichael Mackson – The Grass is always greener: