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James Alaska – free mix for your ears

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James Alaska is a London based composer, producing intricate and delicate noise-infused soundworks as The Alaska None, using lo-fi obfuscated fragments from vinyl and tape which are muted, contorted and re-contextualized. In this mix, Alaska attempts to create an effortless flow of ambient soundscapes, creating a sense of contemplative narrative.

This was put together especially for the fantastic ‘Headphone Commute‘ site. Tracks by David Axelrod, Bj Nilsen, Andres Bosshard, Alva Noto, Vlk and himself; most tracks remixed or re-edited with Alaska flair – a fine end result…

Do visit the site, download and do leave comments!



Larry Levan vs James Alaska

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I’m telling you now… you ain’t never heard anything like THIS before…

James Alaska is one of the most marvelous people I’ve ever met. He’s also one of the most persistent musical train spotters I have ever known. In metaphorical terms, his beard of knowledge has grown to such gargantuan proportions that sometimes in bad weather, light aircraft attempt to set down on it. His love of disco knows no bounds and for this, I must salute him. Having played storming sets as a resident at Magnet in the late nineties he then went on to deliver repeated nights of musical passion as one half of the Love Thy Neighbour duo James Shakti & Stuart Principal, between 2001 and 2006 in various salubrious venues in London.

James has now arrived in another age of musical knowledge, having recently completed an MA in Sonic Art, he’s now creating music compositions as part of experimental electronicists Vlk and The Alaska None. The beard situation has worsened. Now, on top of the impromptu run-downs of Chic catalogue numbers and release dates, we are blessed with further knowledge about the source of sound itself. Its bloody mind boggling – so I thought I’d share… brace yourselves.

What we have here is a 10 minute edit of MFSB’s Love is The Message by James (the full piece is a whole 19 minutes long!) called Paradise Dust. If you’re expecting disco, please readjust your head, but consider first that this was generated from disco – from the very essence of our dear godfather of groove Larry Levan:

And here’s what James has to say about his composition – yes, it’s an essay, but if you’re into vinyl, disco, Levan and a bit of musical philosophy, then you should probably trim your beard, grab yourself a cup of tea and settle down to a story. A story about how James found Larry, and Larry found James…

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