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Go Bang! Preview

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YES YES YES! It’s that time again and the month of May is upon us. heaving it’s great fat lazy springtime of an arse over the humps of a bumpy April and seeing us well and truly into the good season (yes, I have decided that May has a big bottom). And what does May bring? GO BANG! of course…

This is just something by way of a heads up in case you are:

1) Living in Brighton in May

2) Thinking about living in Brighton in May

3) Going to be anywhere near Brighton in May

4) definitely, definitely like to dance and hang out with good people in good bars and pubs and listen to great quality groove and disco music….

OK the last one’s a bit long, but lets get started… All the information you need about this FREE month long extravaganza of disco / nu disco and groove can be found on the Go Bang Brighton blog RIGHT HERE!  Coming up over the next four weeks expect Continue reading


Rounder Records – you dig?

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I love record shopping. Vinyl shopping to be precise, flicking through the racks, scooting for tracks and picking out potential winners, sometimes losers too, but always giving me that feeling of contentment; new grooves will soon be cut by the needle. The familiar crackle and pop of the first play – warm sound. Yeah, it’s vinyl for me.


Don’t get me wrong – I can handle a download or three, CDJs are fun bits of kit and the things you can do with mp3s are nothing short of genius. But I just can’t resist Continue reading