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Leftover Mashup: 6th Borough Project / Mark E & Dragon

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Dig it! Mix from Leftover coming on October’s radio show…. x


June 2010 radio show on Deep Frequency

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Ok ok, I’m still waiting on the Deep Frequency archives to get the stream and download up but I couldn’t wait because I was SOOOOOO excited to get this lot out to you… if you missed the show on Sunday you can now get it via the iTunes podcast (link below) and the full track listings are here too. What you won’t see in the listing is my little editing adventure with the film Swingers. This month’s show is littered with soundbites from the 90s cult flick, cut in between the disco and, well, a bit of house music actually (shhhh.. I won’t tell anyone if you don’t…). I think it makes for some interesting listening – more interesting than me rabbiting on anyway!

Next month? Well – If the film thing goes down well I thought I might do it again. I hope to have a guest mix in store from Sibel Lagerdahl and her amazing music machines PLUS I thought I might do Continue reading

Go Bang! Preview

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YES YES YES! It’s that time again and the month of May is upon us. heaving it’s great fat lazy springtime of an arse over the humps of a bumpy April and seeing us well and truly into the good season (yes, I have decided that May has a big bottom). And what does May bring? GO BANG! of course…

This is just something by way of a heads up in case you are:

1) Living in Brighton in May

2) Thinking about living in Brighton in May

3) Going to be anywhere near Brighton in May

4) definitely, definitely like to dance and hang out with good people in good bars and pubs and listen to great quality groove and disco music….

OK the last one’s a bit long, but lets get started… All the information you need about this FREE month long extravaganza of disco / nu disco and groove can be found on the Go Bang Brighton blog RIGHT HERE!  Coming up over the next four weeks expect Continue reading