October 2010 radio show on Deep Frequency (Scandinavian Invasion)

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October is upon us and we have another marvelous mix for you. ‘Leftover’ aka Sibel Lagerdahl, is providing much needed Swedish Cement to hold us together in the darkening autumn – and I will be freaking you all out with some jazz… my god, and Norwegian jazz at that!

OK so it’s a Scandinavian invasion on your radio machine this month; most of the artists and all of the Leftover mix have been flown in from lands afar – we got some Lindstrom, Beatfanatic, Stockholm Cyclo, Arvid & Eerik Siikasaari and a whole lot more frosty fun… come and have a go… x

Part One – Rich Recess Scandinavian Selection
1. Send In the Clowns – Kornstad Trio
2. Looking For What – Lindstrom & Christabelle
3. Turning Loose (Ron Basejam remix) – Bonar Bradberry
4. Inner Sunshine – Solar Bears
5. Little Bit – Lykke Li
6. Round the Moon – Summer Camp
7. Sing (Floating Points remix) – Four Tet
8. Inside Out – Kink / Neville Watson
9. Fot I Hose – Casio Kids
10. Byakuya – White Nights – Mika Pohjola / Yusuke Yamamoto

Part Two – Leftover: Swedish Cement Mix
11. Hett Bly – Skit
12. Automatic – Beatfanatic
13. Beginning People – Stockholm Cyclo
14. Phases 2 – Nonoman
15. A Lovely Day – Beatfanatic
16. Har Du Hört? – Sofi Hellborg
17. Sticky- Stockholm Cyclo
18. Shimmer – Arvid & Eerik Siikasaari
19. Twist In My Sobriety (Alf Tumble Re-Dress) – Tanita Tikaram
20. Tonite – Stockholm Cyclo


KISS – Dynasty

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Hold onto your hats. Guest blogger James Alaska has gone and written another epic… this time we swap glitterballs and loft parties for men in makeup and some serious axe work – the rock never leaves you…


Here’s a gem I’ll wager you’d have passed over in the racks of Rounder or Sister Ray. I’m guessing this is one band you never thought you’d see on the Recess Radio Show’s web pages. Well, rest assured, I’m not about to extol or excuse the absolute dross and drivel that without exception characterised everything KISS touched from 1980 onwards. I’m going to rasp the praises of an album that is most definitely the unsung treasure of their largely overlooked early years; those Alice Cooper inspired New York Dolls-esque first few forays into the world of KISS in the studio.

I first bought this album on vinyl aged 11 in 1984, from Volume records in Newcastle (a truly legendary record shop, which sadly, of course, is no longer with us). This is back in the days when Lindstrom was a still a babyfaced nipper chasing his fisher price vinyl van round the nursery, and long before anyone would ever dream of using the words ‘post’ and ‘disco’ in the same sentence. Sinclair C5’s were ‘the future’ and Cubase was the stuff of a madman’s dreams.

From first listen this album stood out as an aural delight, stuffed to the gills with great basslines, beats and truly legendary production. I recently re-discovered it after spotting another vinyl copy in the dirty crates among several thousand schlager albums whilst on a sonic mission in darkest Bavaria. I dusted it off, packed it away safe, and carried it all the way home as a gift for my good friend Mr. Rich Recess. But what of the album itself……..? Continue reading

Leftover Mashup: 6th Borough Project / Mark E & Dragon

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Dig it! Mix from Leftover coming on October’s radio show…. x

September 2010 radio show on Deep Frequency

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“Heeeeeeeeeere’s Johnnnnny”… The man is back ya’ll. After five hot summer months flying solo on the airwaves, I have my wingman back, my Goose, my loose caboose. He still can’t say “Roy Orbison” properly though. No fear – I’ll have him sorted out in no time.

Right – this month’s show is something of a nude erection new direction. We’re going all round the musical houses, some departure from the usual disco fodder (John even managed to chuck in a Dubsteb track – check us out – veritable modernists). Oh yeah, and don’t forget that chance to win a tenner to spend at Beatport! Competition closes Sep 30th…

Pick us up on iTunes or stream / download from the Deep Frequency site (links up soon)….

Track listing and links... Continue reading

Summer Camp – Round The Moon

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Out on 13th September on Moshi Moshi… Check out the styling on that video – vintage stuff…

The chorus keeps reminding me of “Take On Me”… I don’t know whether that’s fortunate or unfortunate but there’s all kinds of Scandinavian links going on here which might give you a hint to the theme of October’s radio show!

… a quick scout of the Moshi Moshi website revealed loads of artists who have released on this label including a fair few that I have mushos respectos for: Continue reading

Mr Scruff feat. Roots Manuva: Nice Up The Function

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…first, that all important immediate visual stimulus hook:

This was released April 2009… it passed me by at the time. Lovely little chugger out on Ninja Tune with the combined talents of the Scruff and the Manuva. And a lovely little video to boot. Here’s the links to find your way around: Continue reading

Music for melting – competition!

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Welcome to the first Recess Radio Show competition! We’ve been meaning to do this for a while but alas haven’t got round to it…poor excuse!

Now a bit of back story (dont worry – theres not mch to it!). Inspired by (to my mind) the first Viral track on soundcloud – teeny bopper Justin Beibers pop guff you smile I smile -( see below for original) – someone had the clever idea of seeing if it sounded any good 800 times slower… (amazing how much time some people have on their hands!)

Behold the original:

And the 800 times slower version here:

Funny eh, one pop song instantly changes from barely listenable to “wish I could sit and watch the stars while lying on the beach to this awesome shit!” territory all thanks to Pauls extreme sound stretch (yes it really is called that, god bless you paul for making this possible!

So, why not jump on the band wagon we thought and make a mix made up of well known tracks for you to try and decipher. Whats the catch?!…In case you hadn’t guessed the tracks have been slowed way down to trippy proportions and wanged together in a beautiful blend of “what the hell is that and how does it sound so goddamn mellow man?!” mix type thing.


Firstly you gotta grab the mix:

Listen / download here:

The mix is made up of 4 tracks and its not always clear where one ends and another starts so listen close. We’d recommend sitting cross legged in a dark room with a big pair of bass heavy cans wrapped around your head while breathing in the scent of musical enlightenment. But whatever works for you is fine….

All you have to do is identify 3 of the 4 tracks and send your answer to: recessparty@yahoo.co.uk


The competition entries must be received by the 30th of september and the winner will be annouced on the october show and put up on the blog!


We’d love to say a speedboat or a years supply of disco marmite but instead you’ll have to settle for a £10 voucher to spend with our friends over at beatport!

Thats it! Good luck, god speed and have fun listening!