Go Bang! Preview

YES YES YES! It’s that time again and the month of May is upon us. heaving it’s great fat lazy springtime of an arse over the humps of a bumpy April and seeing us well and truly into the good season (yes, I have decided that May has a big bottom). And what does May bring? GO BANG! of course…

This is just something by way of a heads up in case you are:

1) Living in Brighton in May

2) Thinking about living in Brighton in May

3) Going to be anywhere near Brighton in May

4) definitely, definitely like to dance and hang out with good people in good bars and pubs and listen to great quality groove and disco music….

OK the last one’s a bit long, but lets get started… All the information you need about this FREE month long extravaganza of disco / nu disco and groove can be found on the Go Bang Brighton blog RIGHT HERE!  Coming up over the next four weeks expect outdoor all dayers, bar events and sound system parties right in the middle of Brighton City delivered by a gaggle of local radio show hosts, producers, record labels, crate diggers and DJ’s, bringing the sound of groove based dance music past and present to the seaside for a third summer.

The Go Bang Brighton Festival started in May 2008 concentrating on using the cities “off piste” music destinations for the majority of the festival each year. Since then a community dedicated to underground dance music has enjoyed The UK’s only festival of it’s kind in settings such as beer gardens, seafront patios, back street bars and clubs that continues for one whole month each May. The festival was originally inspired by a relatively unknown deep house festival held in Cork in the 90’s which lasted all weekend in the areas boozers. However Go Bang Brighton takes things one step further by carrying on all month but still maintains the original D.I.Y ethic of the event in Cork by concentrating on the fundamental elements first and foremost MUSIC, LOCATION and PEOPLE.

The opening night this Saturday 1st May and you can find all the event details by going to the Facebook Group:

… and for ease I’ve pulled together the list of events here – click on the titles for each Facebook event or the DJ links for lowdown on the talent:

Disco Deviant, Disted Twisco, Ras Tuft, Easy Jim Pluto, Disco Diaries, Go Bang Residents

Sunday 2nd – Bar Session @ The Fishbowl

Jeff Daniels, Will Sumsuch,

Friday 7th – Bar Session @ The Fishbowl

Steve K.I.W (Keeping It Wheel)

Saturday 8th – All Dayer @ The Thomas Kemp

Wolf Music RecordingsGonzo Disco, Warrior One (Carl Faure), Go Bang Brighton Festival Residents

Saturday 15th – Maxxi Soundsystem @ The Funky Buddha

Serge Santiago, Go Bang, Maxxi Soundsystem

Friday 21st – Wolf Music presents MARK E @ The Jazz Rooms

Mark E / Mickey Duke / Wolf Music

Friday 21st – Bar Session @ The Globe

Rob Fahey, Aljalino, Anthony Cox, Go Bang Residents

Saturday 22nd – Two Floor Take Over @ The Globe

The Recess (that’s me, by the way…), Dedicated Player, Keeping It Wheel, The Acid House, Go Bang Brighton Residents, SIBEL and DADDY MARCUS

Friday 28th – Latenite Lounging @ The Fishbowl

ETOKA RECORDS, Will Marshall

Friday 28th – Disco Deviant @ Above Audio

Pablo Contraband

Saturday 29th – Closing Party / After Party @ Life Terrace & Funky Buddha

Closing Party of The Go Bang Brighton Festival this year and in fact for ever for the festival itself. The day starts at 2pm on Brighton Seafront outside LIFE on the terrace directly just off the beach with groove based dance music djs playing from the afternoon outdoors. The Go Bang Brighton Festival After Party will be held at The Funky Buddha from 11pm till 3am which will then become a weekly Saturday night event after the early evening weekly Saturday outdoor sessions at Life throughout the summer. All Go Bang Festival attendees have been granted concessions for the after party at The Funky Buddha and of course the outside party before hand is very much a free event…

and you can check out how last year ended on this marvelous video clip….


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